The Imaging Sciences program is a cross school initiative. One of the pillars is the Imaging Sciences Pathway, a fellowship program open to students in graduate programs in the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (DBBS), Chemistry, Physics and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  With over 30 mentors from 11 departments on the Danforth and Medical campuses, the Pathway offers diverse, multidisciplinary opportunities.  Graduate students who have completed training in the Imaging Sciences Pathway will be poised to follow a unique career trajectory, which may involve imaging technology development, the chemistry and use of novel contrast agents, the visualization and manipulation of macromolecular complexes and organelles in cells and in animals, and the application of these technologies to the visualization of human disease states.

Students who participate in the Imaging Sciences Pathway will obtain their degrees in one of the current science and engineering degree-granting programs; however, their education will be enhanced by an emphasis in interdisciplinary coursework and research experiences in Imaging Sciences.