Jennifer Burbridge

Graduate Student, Deanna Barch

Jennifer is a clinical neuropsychology graduate student working with Dr. Deanna Barch. Her research interests include: cognitive and affective deficits in patients with schizophrenia, psychophysiology of emotion, and cognitive neuroscience. Her current research involves examining the relationship between affective reactivity of language and ANS arousal in healthy individuals. She is also interested in variables that potentially moderate this relationship, such as personality and stress reactivity.

Favorite Publications

Burbridge, J.A., Barch, D.M. (In preparation). Psychophysiology of emotion, language reactivity in healthy individuals.

Burbridge, J.A., Barch, D.M. (In press) Emotional valence and reference disturbance. Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

van der Kolk, B.A., Burbridge, J.A., van der Hart, O. (In press). Introduction to the treatment of PTSD. In MB Williams & JF Sommer (Eds.), Clinical Competence in the Treatment of PTSD, New York: The Hawthorn Press.

Wilson, S.N., van der Kolk, B.A., Burbridge, J.A., Fisler, R.E., Kradin, R. (1999). Phenotype of blood lymphocytes in PTSD suggests chronic immune activation. Psychosomatics, 40(3), 222-225.

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