Following are former members of the CCP Lab that are gone, but not forgotten.  If you want to share updated information, send an email here.


Alan Anticevic – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch, Associate Research Scientist in Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine
Aaron Bonner-Jackson – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch
Karla Becerril – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch, Medical Science Liaison, Neurodegenerative Diseases at EMD Serono, Inc.
Shefali Brahmbhatt – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch, now UCSF
Jennifer Burbridge – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch
Alan Ceaser – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch, Postdoctoral Researcher, Stanford University
Kimberly Chiew – Graduate Student, Todd Braver, University of Denver
Yu Sun Chung – Graduate Student of Deanna Barch, now Postdoctoral Researcher at Northwestern University
Adam Culbreth – Graduate Student of Deanna Barch, now Postdoctoral Researcher at Univ of MD
Leticia Czepielewski – Visiting Graduate Student 2015-2016
Greg Burgess – Graduate Student, Todd Braver, Research Scientist WUSM
Zainab Delawalla – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch
Erin Connor Dowd – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch Medical School, Washington University
Noam Keren – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch – Research Technician, The Human Neurodiversity Laboratory
Dov Lerman-Sinkoff – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch MSTP student, now at WUSM
Hannah Sypher Locke – Graduate Student, Todd Braver, Researcher at Government Accountability Office (GAO) Washington, DC
Katherine Luking – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch Postdoctoral Researcher, SUNY
Meredith Dodge-Melinder – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch, St. Mary’s Hospital
Beth Keys – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Psychology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Jennifer Mathews – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch Post-doctoral researcher, Washington Univeristy School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry
Tara McAuley – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, The Hospital for Sick Children
David Pagliaccio – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch Postdoctoral Researcher, NIH
Carrie Racine – Graduate Student, Deanna Barch, Assistant Adjunct Professor of Neurological Surgery and Radiation Oncology University of California, San Francisco
Jeremy Reynolds – Graduate Student, Todd Braver, Faculty at University of Denver 
Nicole Seider – Rotation Graduate Student, Barch, Grad student, WUSM
Julia Sheffield – Graduate Student (Barch), now a post-doc at Vanderbilt University
Andrew Westbrook – Post-doc Brown University
Tal Yarkoni – Graduate Student, Todd Braver, postdoc at University of Colorado, Boulder
Debbie Yee – Graduate Student, Todd Braver
Ying Yiang – former Rotation Student, Barch, Graduate Student


Peeta Li, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jacob Noel, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Katya Noel, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Lingyan Yu, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Asad Beck – Summer Research Student 2016
Joshua Bridges – Undergraduate Research Assistant 2011-2013
Dionne Clarke – Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2008-2011
Ya’el Courtney – Summer Research Student 2016
Monet Davis – Summer Research Intern 2018
Carolyn Dean Wolf
Noah Eby – Undergraduate Research Assistant, now WUSM student
Kenacia Goings – Summer Research Intern (2019)
Maria Hossain – Undergraduate Research Assistant 2007-2008
Robert Jirsaraie – Summer Research Student 2016
Zunaira Komal – Former undergrad research assistant
Harold Lee – Former Undergraduate Research Assistant
Elyse Lopez – Former Undergraduate Research Assistant (2013-2014)
Lauren Ness – Summer Research Intern 2010
Lauren Patrick – Undergraduate Research Assistant (2011-2014)
Marco Pipoly – Summer Undergraduate Researcher, 2017
Hailey Madison Rich – Undergraduate Volunteer Research Assistant (2019)
Jiyeon Ryoo – Former Undergraduate Research Assistant (Spring 2016)
Abhishhek Saxena – Former Undergraduate Research Assistant (2013-2015)
Nathan Schoen -Undergraduate Research Assistant
Roderick Seow – 2017
Remy Servis – Former Undergraduate Research Assistant (2013-2016), now at Vanderbilt
Vivek Shah – Former Undergraduate Research Assistant
Talia Reich – former Undergraduate Research Assistant (2014-2015)
Laura Talpey – former Undergraduate Research Assistant (2014)
Cameron Tate – Undergraduate Research Assistant, Summer 2018
Jennifer Villa – Summer Research Student 2016
Elias Wan – Former Undergraduate Research Assistant (2006-2008)
Brian Wolfe – Former Undergraduate Research Assistant (2004-2007) – Boston University


Joshua Brown – Former Post-Doctoral Researcher with Todd Braver, now at Indiana University
Candice Coker-Morey – Former Post-Doctoral Fellow with Todd Braver, now at Cardiff
Michael W. Cole – Former Postdoctoral Fellow with Todd Braver, now at Rutgers University, NJ
Nicola De Pisapia – Former Post-Doctoral Researcher with Todd Braver, now Research Scientist University of Trento, Italy
Christina Fales – Former Post-Doctoral Fellow
Jeremy Gray – Former Research Scientist with Todd Braver (now at MSU)
Koji Jimura – Former Post-doctoral Fellow with Todd Braver, now Post-doc at University of Texas, Austin
Brenda Kirchhoff – Former postdoctoral fellow with Deanna Barch, now Asst. Professor at St. Louis University
Marie Krug – Former Staff Scientist with Todd Braver
Bidhan Lamichhane – Former Postdoctoral Research Associate with Todd Braver
Pamela LaMontagne – Former Postdoctoral Researcher with Todd Braver, now at WUSM
Eric Murphy – Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher with Deanna Barch
Grega Repovs – Former Post-Doctoral Researcher with Deanna Barch, now at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Hannes Ruge – Former Post-Doctoral Researcher with Todd Braver, now Research Scientist and Lecturer at Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Psychologie
Alexandre Schaefer – Former Postdoctoral Research Scholar with Todd Braver, currently at University of Leeds, UK
Jordan Taylor – Former Post-Doctoral Researcher with Todd Braver, now at the University of California, Berkeley


Benjamin Acland – Research Technician 2013-2014 – WUSTL, DBBS program
Sarah Adams – Research Technician II, now at WUSM ADRC
Stefanie Beck – Former Research Scholar, now at Technical University of Dresden, Germany
Susan Bongiolatti – Former Research Assistant (1999-2001)
Adrianne Casagrand – Former Research Assistant (2004-2007)
Liz Chrastil – Former Research Assistant (2002-2004)
Maria Chushak – Research assistant (2009-2011)
Lisa Dickmann – Former Clinical Research Coordinator
Bethany Edwards – Former Research Assistant (2007-2009) – University of New Mexico, Forensic Psychology
Maria Gehred – Former Research Technician II (2017-2019) – now at Duke University
Liz Harrison – Former Research Assistant (1999-2000)
Kristen Haut – Former Research Assistant (2002-2004)
Timothy Heaven – Former Research Assistant (2004-2007) – Indiana University
Joe Hilgard – Former Research Assistant (2007-2009) – University of Missouri, Columbia
Christine Hoyer – Former Research Assistant (2001-2004)
Mitchell Jeffers – Former Research Programmer Analyst (2017-2019)
Andy Jones – Former Research Assistant (2001-2002)
Danielle Kelly – Research Technician – Former Research Assistant, now WUSM, Psychiatry
Sarah Lageman – Research Assistant (1998-2000) — Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, University of Florida
Jordan Livingston – Former Research Assistant (2009-2011) – University of Oregon, Eugene 
Bruna Martins – Research Assistant (2009-2011) 
Carol McKenna – fMRI coordinator (2000-2011)
Leah Newcomer – Research Technician II
Kevin Oksanen – Research Technician II, now at Children’s Hospital
Joshua Prince – Research Technician II – former Research Assistant (2016), now WUSM (Psychiatry)
Alex Puricelli – Research Technician I – 2018
Carolina Ramirez  – Programmer 
Jennifer Schuitema – Former Research Assistant (2009-2011)
Ajay Satpute – Former Research Assistant (2000-2001) — UCLA
Inglis Towe – Research Technician, now at WUSM Psychiatry
Jessica Weiss – Research Technician
Naomi Yodkovik – Research Assistant (2004-2007)