Our laboratory studies how humans exert control over their thoughts and behavior, and how this control can break down. Cognitive control is a central aspect of many higher-level functions, such as attention and working memory. Further, the loss of cognitive control is a major component of many neuropsychiatric conditions, such as schizophrenia. The ultimate goal of our research is to contribute to an understanding of how cognitive control emerges in the brain, in terms of the interactions between neural processing elements, and without recourse to “homunculus”-type explanations. Further, we wish to understand the role that loss of cognitive control plays in neuropsychiatric disorders, and what underlying pathophysiology gives rise to such control deficits. To achieve these goals, we use computational modeling and convergent cognitive neuroscience methods.

These posters are meant to show that racial justice and support for marginalized communities cannot be separated from the practice of science. We must actively work to recognize the obstacles that scientists (and potential scientists) from marginalized communities face, and dismantle structures of power that prevent them from succeeding. We must also consider the effects of our research and research choices on marginalized communities.  For more information, please visit this link https://sammykatta.com/diversity
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