Faculty and Staff

Dr. Pamela L. Begay

Diné, Buder Center Director

Eric Pinto, MSW

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, Zuni, Buder Center Assistant Director

Lynn Mitchell

Program Coordinator

Manasseh Begay, MSW

White Mountain Apache Tribe, Research Manager

Pow Wow Co-Chairs

Braylan Benoist

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

Ashlyn Newcomb

Cherokee Nation

In Remembrance of Dr. David Patterson Silver Wolf

Dr. David Patterson Silver Wolf joined the Brown School in 2012 and was an incredible professor, researcher, mentor and colleague. An Irish/Cherokee descendent, David’s research focused on two main areas: substance abuse recovery and advocating for underrepresented minority college students, especially those from American Indian/Alaska Native populations.  His impact within the Buder community is great and far reaching. He was an invaluable mentor for Indigenous students and a great advocate for Indigenous peoples.  We want to acknowledge and express gratitude for all of his many contributions to our community.