The Buder Center for American Indian Studies (BCAIS) is a premier graduate degree scholarship program in social work committed to the education of American Indian MSW students. The Buder Center recruits qualified American Indian scholars; provides student support in a demanding course of study; develops curriculum; conducts research and engages in policy development that directly impacts Indian Country. We prepare future American Indian leaders to practice in tribal and urban settings, making significant contributions to the health, wellness and the sustained future of Indian Country.


The founder of the Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies respected and admired American Indians from childhood. Kathryn Buder believed education to be a key factor in restoring American Indians’ self-esteem and her commitment to an education that honors the American Indian culture led her to establish a center in 1990.

Originally founded to provide scholarships for American Indians, the Buder Center has grown into one of the most respected centers in the nation for the academic advancement and study of American Indian issues related to social work. The Buder Center offers one American Indian course per semester, which Buder Scholars are required to take. Additionally, the Buder Center is charged with developing Buder Scholars into leaders who will serve in Indian Country.

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Buder Center Awards

The Buder Family, Buder Foundation, Students, Alumni and Staff have celebrated many achievements over the years