The Buder Center is excited to bring students and alumni together in 2020 to create connections and share reflections with one another on how Kathryn’s vision has impacted their careers.
Lindsey Manshack (Choctaw Apache of Tribe of Ebarb), MPH ’17 
Jen Van Schuyver (Citizen Band Potawatomi), MSW ’19
Adria Brown (Chickasaw Nation), MSW ’20 
Jessica Payne (Cherokee Nation),MSW ’17
Kelley McCall (Cherokee Nation), MSW/MPH Candidate
Laura Rice (Prairie Band Potawatomi/Yurok), MSW ’10
Dana Webster-Smith (Athabascan), MSW ’14 
Ashton Megli (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma), MSW/MBA Candidate
Ray Phillips (Omaha Nation of Nebraska/Ponca Tribe of Nebraska), MSW/MPH Candidate
Poem Swentzell (Santa Clara Pueblo), MSW ’14
Jeremy Vu (Oglala Lakota), MSW ’16