I. Stable Metal Anodes

  • Li, Na, K, Mg, Zn, Al, etc.
  • Current- and potential-dependent morphological instability
  • Solid electrolyte interphase

II. Liquid, Polymer, and Ceramic Electrolytes

  • Distorted solvation structures and electrical double layer structure
  • Ion transport kinetics in the bulk and across the space charge layers
  • Smart separators based on autonomous electrokinetic phenomena

III. Hierarchical Intercalation Materials and Electrodes

  • Sustainable syntheses methods
  • Hierarchical structures
  • Solvent-free fabrications of ultra-thick porous electrodes


We design special electrochemical cells to characterize the targeted dynamic processes. The obtained transient responses are analyzed by new mathematical equations to reveal the self-consistent explanations. Simulations and computations are exploited to complement the physical justifications of kinetics and thermodynamic parameters.

I. Materials Synthesis & Characterization

  • In-house syntheses of battery materials
  • Multimodal chemical and physical characterizations
  • Full access to shared facilities in IMSE and CEAF.

II. Capillary Cell Operando Microscopy

  • Micrometer-sized field of view with sub-micron details
  • Accurate determination of local current densities
  • Rapid assessment of parasitic reactions and instabilities in dynamic conditions
  • High throughput experimental data to reveal statistically significant trend

III. Continuum-level Mathematical Modeling

Exemplified by the growing list of new equations:

  • Generalized Sand’s time equation for potential-step technique in realistic conditions
  • Boundary-length kinetic equation during electrochemical phase transformation
  • Young-Laplace equation for critical metal penetration through separator pores

IV. Simulations and Computaions

  • Molecular dynamics simulations of bulk and interfacial solvation structures
  • Quantum chemistry calculations for electrolyte and interphase optimizations
  • Predictive reaction kinetic models
  • Porous electrode simulations with non-equilibrium materials thermodynamics