This undergraduate-level course will introduce fundamental chemistry and physics principles, in the format of mathematical derivations, that are critical for the understanding of materials. It aims to provide students with the fundamental concepts of how the various physical, chemical, and electrical properties of a particular material derive from its atomic, molecular, crystal, and microscopic structures. The mechanisms of material degradation and failure in different working environments, and on the other hand the strengthening through different processing techniques will also be introduced, where the concept of structure-properties relationships is emphasized.

Sample Teaching Calendar from Fall 2020:

Class DateTopicsReading*Assignments
Part 1: Basics (10 lectures + 1 worksheet)
Sept 14Greetings and IntroductionCh 1
Sept 16Atomic structure: Bohr’s modelCh 2
Sept 18Electronic configurationCh 2HW1 due on Sept 25
Sept 21Interatomic bondingCh 2
Sept 23, 25 & 28Crystallography I, II & IIICh 3HW2 due on Sept 30
Sept 30DefectsCh 4
Oct 2 & 5Diffusion I & IICh 5HW3 due on Oct 7
Oct 7**No lecture, Worksheet #1  
Part 2: Metals and Alloys (12+1)
Oct 9, 12 & 14Mechanical properties I, II & IIICh 6
Oct 16Slip systemsCh 7HW4 due on Oct 23
Oct 19No lecture, Exam 1 (Part 1)Chs 1-5Due on Oct 21
Oct 21Critical resolved shear stressCh 7
Oct 23Fatigue and failureCh 8
Oct 26Phase diagram basics ICh 9
Oct 28Phase diagram basics IICh 9
Oct 30Iron-carbon systemCh 9HW5 due on Nov 15
Nov 2Microconstituents of Iron-carbon systemCh 9
Nov 4 & 6Kinetics of phase transformation II & IIICh 10
Nov 9**No lecture, Worksheet #2  
Part 3: Ceramics (3+1)
Nov 11 & 13Structures I & IICh 12HW6 due on Nov 29
Nov 16PropertiesCh 12, 18.16
Nov 18ProcessingHW 7 due on Dec 6
Nov 20**No lecture, Worksheet #3Q&A for Exam #2
Nov 21-23No lecture on 11/23, Exam #2 (Part 2)Due on Nov 23
Part 4: Polymers (2+1)
Nov 25Structures and classification of polymersCh 14
Nov 26 to 27Thanksgiving HolidayNo classes 
Nov 30Polymer properties: diffusion
Dec 2Polymer properties: mechanicsHW8 due on Dec 11
Dec 4**No lecture, Worksheet #4
Part 5: Contemporary Materials and Properties (2+1)
Dec 7Electrical propertiesCh 18, 21
Dec 9Semiconductors
Dec 11**No lecture, Worksheet #5  
Dec 14Review of the course requirements and expectations
Dec 16-18No lecture, Exam 3 (Parts: 3, 4 & 5)Due on Dec 18

*   Reading chapters are based on the textbook Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction (8th edition or later). William D. Callister, Jr., and David G. Rethwisch. WILEY.

** Dates for worksheet may change, depending on the progress and feedback from students.