This graduate-level course will introduce the fundamental science of electrochemical engineering and the application of the same for analyzing various electrochemical energy devices. The theoretical principles of prevailing electroanalytical techniques, charge transfer kinetics, and concentrated solution and porous electrode theories will be derived in a rigorous manner.

Sample Teaching Calendar from Spring 2021:

Class DateLec #TopicsReading*Assignments
Jan 261IntroductionCh 1
Jan 282Electrode and cell potentialsCh 2HW1 online
Feb 23Nernst equation & Pourbaix diagramCh 2
Feb 44Debye-Huckel theoryCh 3
Feb 95Chemical activity & Tafel equation & Butler-Volmer kineticsCh 3
Feb 116Electrical double layer structureCh 4HW2 online
Feb 167Frumkin-Butler-Volmer kineticsMicroscopic electron transfer theoryCh 4HW1 due
Feb 188Marcus-Hush-Chidsey kinetics & TransportChs 4&5 
Feb 239Steady state Poisson-Nernst-Planck equationsCh 5HW3 online
Feb 2510Paradox of supporting electrolytesCh 6HW2 due
Mar 2Wellness day, no lecture
Mar 411Porous ElectrodesCh 6
Mar 912Voltage-stepping technique, Cottrell equationCh 6
Mar 1113Current-stepping technique, Sand’s equationCh 7
Mar 1614Potential-sweeping technique, Current function ICh 7 
Mar 1815Potential-sweeping technique, Current function IICh 7HW3 due
Mar 2316Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) ICh 7
Mar 25Exam 1Chs 1-5
Mar 3017Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) IICh 7HW 4 online
Apr 118Specialty electrodes for analytical experimentsNotes
Apr 619Ion intercalation electrodes INotes
Apr 820Ion intercalation dynamics IINotes 
Apr 1321Fuel cell basics ICh 11HW4 due
Apr 1522Fuel cell basics II 
Apr 20Exam 2Chs 6&7
Apr 2223Electrodeposition processesCh11
Apr 2724Redox flow batteryCh 15 
Apr 29 Final project presentation reviewReports and slides due
May 4 Presentation10 min + 5 min

* Chapter numbers are based on Electrochemical Engineering by Fuller & Harb (Wiley 2018), as the primary reading material for this course.

Lecture videos from Spring 2021 (under construction)