Follow these instructions to submit a reimbursement request for a YSP purchase. Reimbursement requests should be submitted within two weeks of the purchase date.

1) Save your receipt(s)

Keep the physical receipt until you have received your reimbursement. Receipts must be itemized and show the method of payment (not cash). The entire receipt must be visible and clear; folding or obscuring the receipt could delay your reimbursement.

2) Complete the DBBS Expense Approval Form

Complete all fields except: Funding Source, Approval Signature, and For Office Use section. This form must be completed even if you are not a DBBS student.

3) Email documents to the YSP Finance Director

Email your receipt(s) and Expense Approval Form to

The YSP Finance Director will approve the purchase, sign the form, add the appropriate funding sources (Cost Center and Gift Fund), and return the Expense Approval Form to you.

4) Complete an Expense Report in WorkDay

Once you receive the signed form back from YSP Finance, complete an Expense Report on WorkDay. The DBBS Finance Team will process the final reimbursement.

The receipt(s) and signed Expense Approval Form must be attached to the Expense Report.

To ensure a timely reimbursement, write the following in each Memo section of the Expense Report:

  • Detailed description of the YSP event
  • Nature/purpose of expense
  • Fund to charge (specified on the Expense Approval Form)
Expense Report: Memo Example

Gift Fund: GF####### (YSP Summer Focus)
Event: YSP Summer Focus Writing Course Breakfast on 07/27/23 in FLTC 207 & 208 for 20 attendees
Purpose: Provide breakfast to Summer Focus Scholars and YSP volunteers during the Writing Course

Any questions? Contact us!

Katherine Floyd

Director of Finance