Awards Highlight

Inaugural Postdoc of the year award by National Postdoctoral association (NPA)

Dr. Sade Williams Clayton was named the Postdoc of the year by NPA. The award recognizes a postdoc who has advanced the postdoctoral community in an exceptional manner beyond their work duties and in alignment with the NPA mission and core values.


Sade Williams Clayton, PhD

Top poster winner at the NPA Annual Conference 2024

WashU postdocs Dr. Blerta Stringa, Dr. Shweta Tendulkar, and Dr. Tyler Parsons were announced as the winners of the poster session at NPA Annual conference 2024 held in Seattle. Their poster titled, “A Four-Committee Model to a Successful Postdoc Society,” presented the work that WUPS and the EC members have been doing over the past 19 years.

Poster session winners were selected based on poster content (relevance to NPA goals and dissemination of ideas/information with the potential to make a significant impact on the postdoc population) and communication.


Blerta Stringa, PhD

Shweta Tendulkar, PhD

Tyler Parsons, PhD