Our mission is to support postdocs of Washington University by providing events to foster career development, leadership, and sense of community

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National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week (NPAW), September 18-22,  2023

National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week (NPAW) recognizes the significant contributions of postdoctoral trainees. Sponsored by the National Postdoctoral Association since 2009 and recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010, this week is filled with events taking place across the country in order to raise awareness and appreciation for the diverse accomplishments of the talented experts that make up the U.S. postdoctoral community.

Refer to the following page for details of NPAW 2023 https://postdoc.wustl.edu/opa-events/npaw/

WUPS Monthly Meeting

Every first Thursday of the month, WUPS members meet and discuss all the postdoc-related issues.
Please fill out this form to register your monthly attendance: https://forms.gle/o5JbZVwtxkWT5zTG8
The Zimmerman Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/a1oAdimR2d743FEh6

Upcoming events

There are not currently any upcoming events scheduled. Please check back for new events to be added.

In the meantime, if you’d like to explore campus events, please visit Happenings at WashU.

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Navigating Innovation at WashU (webinar)

Discover how OTM can support you with a deep dive into our services and resources. Learn how to safeguard your groundbreaking inventions , and gain valuable insights on transitioning from a PhD to a tech transfer career. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to fuel your innovation journey! Register now at https://otm.wustl.edu/calendar_event/otm-webinar-for-washu-postdoctoral-society/

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