Below are resources both at WashU and beyond to support women in STEM at all stages in their career. Feel free to explore, share widely, and contact us if you have content that you’d like added! 

Resources from WiSTEM
– Parenting in Academia
– WiSTEM Library
Resources for Leadership Development for Women in Academic Biomedicine
Resources from Washu
Graduate Student and Postdoc Career Resources
Women’s Leadership Forum
The Color of Sexual Violence with Dr. Gladys Smith: Summary
Washu Med Mental Health Services
Forum for Women in Medicine
– Advancing Women in Academic Medicine
Other useful Resources
– Women in Bio
– Business Concepts for Life Scientists
– Sarah Rugheimer’s Women in STEM Resources
– A Guide for Minorities in STME
– History of Grace Hopper
Roe v. Wade has been overturned, what can we do?
Public Resources
– Academic Articles in higher education
– Grant writing resources
– Women in STEM
– Women in Science Mentorship Community