Welcome to Women in STEM (WiSTEM)


Women in STEM (WiSTEM) is determined to give individuals who identify as women and allies within DBBS and the wider Washington University visibility, a voice, and a place to feel comfortable in science, medicine, and other STEM fields. WiSTEM works to meet the needs of our members through professional development opportunities, campus and community outreach, and inclusive event programming in DBBS. Through these efforts, WiSTEM hopes to create an inclusive environment within DBBS and the wider Washington University community as a forum for the unique challenges that women-identifying trainees face both on a daily basis and on a larger scale.


– Advance and enhance the educational and personal development of our members.

– Develop a sense of community among individuals who identified as women in DBBS and wider Washington University .

– Create programs and initiatives to address issues faced by individuals who identified as women in STEM fields in DBBS and the greater St. Louis community.

– Create a network of individuals, helping to achieve the mission and vision of WiSTEM.

Interested in getting involved in WiSTEM?

WashU Women in STEM (WiSTEM) was created in 2019 by female PhD students in the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences. We are created around four pillars of programming: Community Engagement, Networking, Professional Development and Social activities. Interested in learning more?

While the pandemic has slowed us down a little, we are eager and excited to restart programming in- and outside of the Division for Biomedical Sciences!

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There are not currently any upcoming events scheduled. Please check back for new events to be added.

In the meantime, if you’d like to explore campus events, please visit Happenings at WashU.


Our resource archive contains wide range of information that can be helpful for professional and personal journey. Please visit our resources page to learn more about it.

WiSTEM Library

Thanks to DBBS and WUMCAA funding, WiSTEM started a Women in STEM-centric library collection this summer. They will be available to WUSTL members through @BeckerLibrary 

Student Blog Series

Welcome to WiSTEM Blog Series. This series will be curated from graduate students within our community. If you’d like to be featured, please contact us (wistem@wustl.edu) with your writing!

Growing Up in Science

Growing up in science is a global conversational story sharing series about the hidden challenges and insights during their journey to one’s career. WiSTEM is featuring women scientists within Washu community to share their stories.

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WiSTEM Events are sponsored by,,,

Washington University Medical Center Alumni Association (WUMCAA)
WUMCAA takes great pride in supporting activities and programs of Washington University School of Medicine. The object and purposes of this Association is to promote a spirit of class fellowship among its members; to further the interests and standing of the Washington University School of Medicine and its Medical Center; and to stimulate an interest in the advancement of medical and collateral sciences.
Each year WUMCAA generously allocates support for student groups from the Medical Teaching Fund. This account is funded by unrestricted gifts of up to $999 from alumni and former house staff.

Washington University Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences
DBBS strives to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Division, at WashU, and in the greater St. Louis community by promoting a culture where trainees enrolled in our programs can bring their full, authentic selves into our environments. We accomplish this by developing and supporting opportunities outside of lab that promote career readiness, managing self & others, and DEI skills. DBBS recognizes that student organizations are a central figure to personal and professional growth during graduate school. DBBS provides financial and administrative support to DBBS recognized organizations.