Dear WiSTEM members and more, 

We’d like to clarify our standpoint on abortion rights as a group that supports the well-being and success of female-identifying individuals in STEM. Following the elimination of the constitutional rights of abortion due to the overturn of Roe v Wade, we want to affirm that WiSTEM supports the bodily autonomy of all uterus-carrying individuals. This ruling impacts the very real lives of all uterus-carrying individuals, especially those already marginalized in the US. The leadership team of WiSTEM recognizes this decision as a violation of human rights and access to necessary healthcare.  

WiSTEM will focus its efforts on creating actionable items and well-executed events to support our members and beyond. We will continue publicizing relevant resources and events regarding abortion rights on our social media. We are working on organizing an educational seminar and a discussion about the legal consequences of the Roe v. Wade overturn for the fall semester. Furthermore, we plan to have The Turnaway Study, which is, “the first study to rigorously examine the effects of receiving versus being denied a wanted abortion on women and their children”, available for rent. Meanwhile, WiSTEM will also assist in fundraising efforts for abortion funds and independent clinics by reaching out and collaborating with WashU and STL community partners. As always, WiSTEM welcomes open communication and discussion.

Please see below for helpful information and tools to understand the current situation and what we can do to support each other in this turbulent time.  

Action items relating to abortion advocacy:  

Thank you and take care. 


WiSTEM leadership 2022-2023