2020 January: Six abstracts  were submitted by Wang’s team to 51st Lunar and Planetary Science conference 

2019 July:  Three new papers from Wang’s team were published at J. Raman Spectroscopy and at ICARUS.

2019 June:  Prof. Wang attended three workshops in China, (1) The 3rd workshop on the science payloads of China’s fist Mars mission; (2) The workshop on the science goals of International Lunar Research Station (ILRS); (3) The 4th Youth Workshop on Mars science.

2019 May & July: one abstract was submitted and was presented orally at 9th International Conference on Mars, held during July 22-26 2019, at CalTech, Pasadena, CA, USA.

2019 March:Prof. Wang made a presentation at Microsymposium 60 before 50th LPSC, “Forward to the Moon to Stay: Undertaking Transformative Lunar Science with Commercial Partners”

2019 January & March: Three abstracts were submitted by Wang’s team to 50th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, to be held in Houston, TX, United States. One was presented orally in the session of “Planetary Aeolian Process” . two were presented as posters.

2018 October: Our three papers, Kong et al., 2018Wang et al., 2018; and Sobron et al., 201, were published in a Special Collection “A New Mars Analog Site on the Third Pole of Earth: Dalangtan Saline Playa in the Hyperarid Qaidam Basin on Tibet Plateau” in October issue of Astrobiology

2018 October 29: Our research on Martian perchlorate formation in dusty events was reported in the Science Magazine webpage Martian dust devils may create rare rocket fuel ingredient

2018 October 23: Our research on Martian dust storms was featured in the October 24 Washington University SOURCE news site in the article Electricity in Martian dust storms helps to form perchlorates

2018 October 16: a new paper, “Forming perchlorates on Mars through plasma chemistry during dust events” is published in Volume 504 (15 Dec 2018) of Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

2018 August 16: National Public Radio reported the works of Professor Alian Wang and her collaborator Dr. Pablo Sobron.

Professor Alian Wang in her laboratory alongside with PEACh (Planetary Environment and Analysis Chamber), Raman, and LIBS.

2017 October: A new project “Planetary surface mineral phase transformation
induced by electrostatic discharge (ESD) in near surface atmospheric processes” was selected for funding by NASA Solar System Working Program

2017 June: Professor Alian Wang was elected as the Fellow of The Geological Society of America