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Recent Publications (2023 – 2017)

Hongkun Qu, Alian Wang, Elijah Thimsen, and Zongcheng Ling (2023), Simulation of Venus Lightning-I: Characterization of Free Radicals generated in Venus major gas mixture, J. Geophysical Research-Planets,

Alian Wang, Andrew W. Jackson, Neil C. Sturchio, Jen Houghton, Chuck Y. C. Yan, Kevin S. Olsen, and Quincy H. K. Qu, (2023), Quantification of carbonates, oxychlorines, and chlorine generated by heterogeneous electrochemistry induced by Martian dust activity, Geophysical Research Letter,

Alian Wang (2022), Planetary Spectroscopy, invited article by Oxford Research Encyclopedias, accepted

Changela et al., (2022), Mars: new insights and unresolved questions, International Journal of Astrobiology, V20. P394-426,

Erbin Shi, Alian Wang, Huafang Li, Ryan Ogliore, Zongcheng Ling, (2022), Gamma‐CaSO4 with Abnormally High Stability from a Hyperarid Region on Earth and from Mars, Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, e2021JE007108,

Lingxi Zhang, Xiaohui Fu, Alian Wang, and Zongcheng Ling (2022), Crystallinity effects on vibrational spectral features of saponite: implications for characterizing poor crystalline phyllosilicates on Mars. Icarus, V379,

W. M. Farrell, J. L. McLain, J. R. Marshall, and A. Wang (2021), Will the Mars Helicopter Induce Local Martian Atmospheric Breakdown? The Planetary Science Journal,

Alian Wang, Yuanchao Yan, Darby M. Dyer, Jen L. Houghton, William M. Farrell, Bradley L. Jolliff, Scott M. McLennan, Erbin Shi, Hongkun Qu (2020b), Amorphization of S, Cl-salts induced by Martian Dust Activities, J. Geophysical Research-Planets,

Alian Wang, Yuanchao Yan, Bradley L. Jolliff, Scott M. McLennan, Kun Wang, Erbin Shi, and William M. Farrell (2020a) Chlorine Release from Common Chlorides by Martian Dust Activity, J. Geophysical Research-Planets, 125,  e2019JE006283,

Alian Wang, Jie Wei, Randy Korotev (2019), Quantification of Fluorescence Emission from Extraterrestrial Materials and its Significance for Planetary Raman Spectroscopy, J Raman Spectroscopy.

Alian Wang, Zongcheng Ling, Y. C. Yan, Alfred S. McEwen, Michael T. Mellon, Michael D. Smith, Bradley L. Jolliff, James Head (2019) The Potential Source Materials for Recurring Slope Lineae on Mars: Subsurface Hydrous Chlorides and Oxychlorine Salts (HyCOS), ICARUS, V333, Pages 464-480,

Chen Jian, Bradley Jolliff, Alian Wang, et al., (2019), Petrogenesis and shock metamorphism of basaltic lunar meteorites Northwest Africa 4734 and 10597, J. Geophysical Research,

Erbin Shi, Alian Wang, Zongcheng Li, (2019) MIR, VNIR, NIR, and Raman spectra of magnesium chlorides with six hydration degrees: Implication for Mars and Europa, J.Raman Spectroscopy

Fu Xiaohui, Liangchen Jia, Alian Wang, Cao Hj, Zongcheng Ling, Changqing Liu, Erbin Shi, Zhongchen Wu, Bo Li, Jiang Zhang (2019), Thermal stability of akaganeite and its desiccation process under conditions relevant to Mars, Icarus, 336, (2020) 113435

Wu Zhongchen, Alian Wang,  William M. Farrell, Yuanchao Yan, Kun Wang, Jennifer Houghton, Andrew W. Jackson (2018), Forming perchlorates on Mars through plasma chemistry during dust events, Earth and Planetary Science Letters,,Ig4DCKf

Kong F. J., M. P. Zheng, Bin Hu,  Alian Wang, N.Ma, P.Sobron (2018), DaLangTan Saline Playa in a Hyperarid Region on Tibet Plateau-I: Evolution and Environments, Astrobiology,

Wang Alian, Pa. Sobron, M. P. Zheng, F. J. Kong, Y. Y. S. Zhao, (2018), DaLangTan Saline Playa in a Hyperarid Region on Tibet Plateau-II: Preservation of Salts with high Hydration Degrees in Subsurface, Astrobiology,

Sobron P., Alian Wang, D. Meyer,  M. P. Zheng, F. J. Kong (2018), DaLangTan Saline Playa in a Hyperarid Region on Tibet Plateau-III: Correlated Multiscale Surface Mineralogy and Geochemistry Survey, Astrobiology,

Chou I-Ming, Alian Wang (2017), Application of laser Raman micro-analyses to Earth and Planetary Materials, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, V145, 309-333.

Fu X. H., Alian Wang, M. J. Krawczynski (2017), Characterizing amorphous silicates in extraterrestrial materials I: polymerization effects on spectral features of silicate glasses, JGR-Planet.

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