Professor Alian Wang and her team helped the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences to build and to maintain the following collaboration relationships, and helped the organizations of following international workshops and conferences.
The activities in US side for the building and the maintaining of these collaborations have been financially supported by the McDonnell Center for Space Sciences (MCSS) at Washington University in St. Louis.


2017, 3rd Collaboration Agreement with Shandong University (SDU-W, China) signed. Both Professor Alian Wang and Professor Bradley Jolliff are Guest Professors of the Center for Planetary Science, Institute of Space Sciences, at SDU-W.

2014, 11th GeoRaman International Conference, St. Louis, MO, USA

2011, International Forum on Planetary Sciences and Explorations (Beijing, China)

2009, Beijing Lunar Science Workshop (Beijing, China)

2009 & 2010, 1st and 2nd PDS workshop for China YingHuo mission (SDU-W, China)

2008, a joint field expedition to Qaidam basin on Tibet Plateau

2007, collaboration agreement with Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS) signed

2007, International Summer School and Workshop on Lunar Science and Data Analysis for Planetary Missions (SDU-W, China)

2006, 1st collaboration agreement with Shandong University Weihai (SDU-W, China)  signed. This agreement is one of the cooperation programs between the two Universities under the frame agreement of cooperation signed by President Zhan Tao of SDU and Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton of WUSTL on October 14 in 2001.