Feel free to schedule a meeting with one of our Program Managers using the links below and/or reach out to anyone on our staff/faculty team. (Note: CEL Program Managers and Office Coordinator continue to work remotely through Summer 2021)

Meet with a Program Manager

Konnie Henning: Schedule Virtual Meeting / Schedule In Person Meeting
CEL Senior Program Manager Program Focus: Metrics Clinics, Small Business Initiative, Taylor Community Consulting, Madagascar Sustainability Initiative

Amy Soell: Schedule here
CEL Program Manager Program Focus: Practicum, Olin/United Way Board Fellows Program, CELect

General CEL Email: cel@olin.wustl.edu

Meet with a CEL Scholar

Feel free to reach out on the student CEL Scholar who are part of our team. Listed after each of their names are the programs with which they have actively engaged.

Clare Davies | c.davies@wustl.edu | MBA 2022: CEL Practicum, Olin/United Way Board Fellows

Ally Gerard | allysongerard@wustl.edu | BSBA 2022: SBI, Summer 2020 Applied Problem Solving for Organizations

Ting Huang | tinghuang@wustl.edu | MBA 2022: CEL Practicum

Chris Jefferies | c.jefferies@wustl.edu | MBA 2022: CEL Practicum

Dave Kanoff | dkanoff@wustl.edu | MBA 2022 : Olin/United Way Board Fellows, CELect

Hannah Levin | hannah.levin@wustl.edu | MBA/MSW 2021: CEL Practicum, Olin/United Way Board Fellows Program

Josh Nobel | joshua.nobel@wustl.edu | BA 2022: SBI

To contact other CEL team members, please visit the “CEL Staff/Faculty” tab.

On Campus:

Simon Hall, Room 100

Mailing Address

1 Brookings Drive, Campus Box 1133
Washington University
Saint Louis, MO 63130
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