The list below includes CEL Leadership, along with Program Directors and Program Managers. Please refer to the “Contact Us” link on the home page for a current list of CEL Fellows (students working alongside the this team in various programs and projects.)

Ashley Atkins
CEL Office and Program Coordinator

Karen Bedell
CEL Practicum Program Director | CEL Olin/United Way Board Fellows Program Director 

Peter Boumgarden
CEL Small Business Initiative Program Director | CEL Faculty Director | Professor of Practice of Strategy & Organizations 

David Fike
CEL Madagascar Sustainability Initiative Program Co-Director | Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences | Director of Environmental Studies 

Konnie Henning
CEL Senior Program Manager | Associate Director of Advising and Student Affairs
Program Focus: Metrics Clinics, Small Business Initiative, Taylor Community Consulting, Madagascar Sustainability Initiative 

II Luscri
CEL CELect Program Co-Director | Skandalaris Entrepreneurship Center Managing Director

Steve Malter
Interim CEL Director | CELect Program Co-Director | Senior Associate Dean, Special Projects and Experiential Learning

Judi McLean Parks
CEL Madagascar Sustainability Initiative Program Co-Director | Taylor Professor of Organizational Behavior

Armand Randrianasolo
CEL Madagascar Sustainability Initiative Program Co-Director

Mark Soczek
CEL Taylor Community Consulting Program Director | Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Amy Soell
CEL Senior Program Manager
Program Focus: Practicum, Olin-United Way Board Fellows Program, CELect

Ted Stann
CEL Finance Metrics Clinic Program Director

Doug Villhard
CEL CELect Program Co-Director | Professor of Practice in Entrepreneurship

Michael Wall
CEL Marketing Metrics Program Director | Professor of Marketing Practice