Our Year In Review | 2023 – 2024

Who We Are

The Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) is an educational center located in the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. Experiential learning complements classroom learning by reinforcing theories and techniques studied in the classroom and focuses on creating innovative learning opportunities that result in a meaningful impact in the business and nonprofit communities.

The projects are conducted for St. Louis non-profits, start-ups, and global firms. The issues addressed in these projects include, but are not limited to: accounting, finance, marketing, strategy, and general management.

Our Key Pillars

Foundational Elements

Previous Clients

Student Testimonials

The CEL offers one of the most unique opportunities on campus, where students have the opportunity to interact with real clients, solving real problems that will have real impacts. Regardless of major or future aspirations, the skills honed at the CEL are some of the most impactful ones for life after WashU.” 
Finn Feldeisen, Fall 2022 Small Business Initiative Student Consultant & 2023-2024 CEL Scholar

“The CEL has been an incredible way for me to experience working with a client on a team — From consulting for a local St. Louis business to flying across the world to work with a fintech startup in Israel, I have grown so much as a student through the hands-on learning.” – Sydney Kanter, Spring 2023 CELect Student Consultant & 2023-2024 CEL Scholar

“Through my CEL practicum experience, I was able to connect with my client in real-time to provide the organization with recommendations that they have already begun to implement. I was able to witness the positive impact I made for the organization, I was able to make a difference.” – Madeline LaPointe, Spring 2023 Practicum Student Consultant & 2023-2024 CEL Scholar

Client Testimonials

Each year, Board Fellows bring a new set of eyes to our organization and help us set our sights on what’s next for our mission. Our Board Fellows have significantly changed the face of our organization for the better with their presence.– Marjorie Moore, Executive Director @VOYCE, 2023 Board Fellows Client

“The Taylor Program not only provides real-life charitable giving experiences but it also helps local charities make headway into a challenge they otherwise would not have successfully tackled. The Taylor Program is a great combination of mentoring with youthful vigor and brilliance.” – Karen Lanter, Executive Director @St. Louis HELP, 2023 Taylor Community Consulting Client

CEL Location

The Center for Experiential Learning is located in Simon Hall, suite 100.