Basic instructions for using VAST data and segmentations
  1. Download VAST.
  2. Download image volume file from dataset page. Local volume file = .vsv, remote volume file = ‘.vsvr’.
  3. Download segmentation file (‘.vss’) from dataset page.
  4. Open .vsvr file and .vss files in VAST.
  5. Download NautilusAnalysis to perform additional Matlab analysis.

dLGN 2016 – Image volume, segmentation files and analysis code for P32 mouse dLGN published in: Morgan, J. L., Berger, D. R., Wetzel, A. W., & Lichtman, J. W. (2016). The Fuzzy Logic of Network Connectivity in Mouse Visual Thalamus. Cell165(1).

dLGN 2018 – 2016 image volume with updated segmentation files and analysis for P32 mouse


VAST  – Manual 3D EM segmentation software

NautilusAnalysis – Matlab code used to analyse VAST segmentation files

2016 NautilusAnalysis (full)

2018 NautilusAnalysis (full)