Josh L. Morgan

I’m interested in how cells organize themselves into image processing circuitry.

Katia Valkova

Research Technician

Karl Friedrichsen

Graduate StudentI am interested in how neurons process incoming information. I study this in the retina, where networks of neurons take the patterns of light entering the eye and send the brain information about motion, direction, objects, edges, orientation, and other useful features. To study this, I use a combination of live imaging of the VG3 retinal amacrine cell and serial section electron microscopy. I map the structure of VG3 neurons and their connections with surrounding neurons and compare this map to the way different parts of the VG3 respond to light. Outside of lab I enjoy hiking/camping, playing music on a bunch of different instruments, and spending as much time as possible with my wife and son.

Pratyush Ramakrishna

Graduate Student

Liam McCoy

Research Technician

Mahsa Bank Tavakoli

Postdoctoral Fellow