Do this first – Self-test checklist

Here is an adaptation of wonderful flowchart devised by Debora Rios and colleagues at the Nacional/UFRJ in Brazil. Although deliberately simple, we suspect that most experienced meteorite hunters would have little criticism with the logic.

(1) Magnetic Attraction | (2) Heavier (Density) | (3) Metal | (4) Fusion Crust | (5) Silver Luster or Red Spots | (6) Saw It Fall? | (7) Regmaglypts | (8) Bubbles (Vesicles) | (9) Lighter Inside | Me

Please, study this chart before contacting me. If you do contact me, tell me why, on the basis of this chart, you think your rock might be a meteorite. In particular, look at these photos of meteorite fusion crusts:
fusion crust | fusion crust 1 | fusion crust 2
If your rock does not have a fusion crust, then I am not going to tell you that it might be a meteorite.

If your rock “passes the test” please do not conclude that you rock IS a meteorite. Passing just means that the rock is worth further evaluation, perhaps a chemical test.

Alternate, simplified version of the check-list. This version is reliable 99+% of the time. Why? Because your rock does not have a meteorite fusion crust.