Photos People Have Sent Me of Things That Look Like Meteorites, 2

I have examined thousands of photos that people have sent me over the past 20+ years. Probably for less than 1 in 500 photos have I thought, “Yes, that might be a meteorite.” Meteorites can not be identified from photos with 100% accuracy, but all of photos below are of things I believe to be meteorites with 50-99% confidence. More than half these photos were sent by persons who found the rocks in deserts of Northern Africa or the Mideast. Only 3 or 4 were from people who claimed to have found them in North America. Several are from people who either bought them or inherited someone else’s collection.

See this page for why I think these rocks are meteorites.

Stony Meteorites

The meteorite on the lower left is an oriented stone with flow lines.

Iron (?) Meteorites