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Protein crosslinking is the process of chemically joining two amino acids residues through their side chain functional group reactivity by a covalent bond (crosslinking reagent). After protease treatment and LC-MS/MS interrogation, the cross linked (hybrid) peptides can be determined to high confidence.

Crosslinker selection, a big business

Commonly used crosslinkers in the lab and publication links: EDC, DTSSP, DSP, DSS, BS3

Isotopically coded crosslinkers (Creative Molecules)

Higher confidence and less false positives

Protein crosslinking software package

A case study of using isotope coded cross linker

Doublet of MS1: 4.0251X3=12.078 Da, mass shift of MS2 ion: 1213.75-1201.66=12.09 Da
Please pay attention to the mass shift introduced by using BS3 d12/h12 crosslinker.