Anti-human trafficking advocacy engagement: What motivates activism?

HTCN completed a policy study analyzing how certain factors, such as anti-human trafficking policies, where and how people access their information, group membership, and participation in political activities, can increase community engagement with anti-trafficking advocacy. The study was done by Heidi Tastet MD (Washington University School of Medicine, Washington University Brown School) and Amanda Sy (Washington University in St. Louis, College of Arts & Sciences).

Article prepared by Amanda Sy

UMSL Assistant Professor of Social Work Erica Koegler

Dr. Erica Koegler has been on the Steering Committee of HTCN since 2018. In 2016, Dr. Koegler began collaborating with a St. Louis based agency that had received federal funding to combat human trafficking for over a decade. The collaboration sought to disseminate data around human trafficking, information which had previously been scant. From there, […]

Collaborator Spotlight! Rumi Kato Price, PhD, MPE

July 2020: The Center for Human Rights, Gender and Migration is one of the Centers sponsored by the Washington University Institute for Public Health. The Center publishes a monthly Spotlight Series where you can meet Washington University faculty and students, as well as outside experts, practitioners, and policymakers working at the intersection of human rights, […]