A student only seminar, previously held on a Friday morning each month. Four to five students will present for 10 to 15 minutes about the general progress of their research and receive feedback from fellow students. We’re working to be able to provide meals to all participants.

Why should I participate?

  1. If you ever find yourself stuck in an elevator with Ken Arrow, what would you say? Being able to deliver a clear, concise, and convincing pitch for your research is an important part of success! When networking at conferences or meeting with visiting faculty, everyone can benefit from improving their pitch. This seminar provides presenters, typically 3rd to 5th-year students, with a low-pressure opportunity to practice.
  2. Our seminar provides all students with an opportunity to constructively comment on the ideas of other students, help presenters overcome any issues, and to learn more about each other’s interests and expertise. Attendees, especially 1st through 3rd years, will benefit from knowing more about their classmate’s interests as they begin to explore their own research topics. Ideally, all students who attend will provide written or oral comments for the presenter. Feedback can then be shared for posterity.
  3. The GSA also hopes this seminar will provide a unique opportunity to motivate collaboration and discussion beyond simply commenting on a presenter’s academic progress. Attendees should always be looking for new opportunities to collaborate with and build on the work of other students. The GSA accepts full responsibility for any positive externalities that arise from such discussions, and we invite you all to come and share your research interests with us in the hopes that both presenters and attendees will benefit.

Interested in presenting? Sign up here.