GSA Organization
Members consist of 2nd – 5th-year students of 2 to 3 people each and one student from any year to take on website duties. Thus core members are capped at 12 people but anyone who is willing to help are welcome to join.

At the end of Spring, emails are sent out to the first years to ask for volunteers to join GSA.
Once a semester we have a meeting: in the Fall to explain yearly activities to newcomers and touch base; in the Spring, at the end of the semester to elect new President.

Duties and Responsibilities

5th-year students

  • Officially None, 5th year students are just there to give advice
  • They are expected to help rallying their friends to help out with the mentoring program

4th-year students

  • Arranging Douglas North Honorary Lecture and Related Activities (dinner with speaker etc)
  • Arranging students who speak for the Breakfast Seminar
  • Breakfast for the seminar (can delegate to others, just make sure food is there)

3rd-year students

  • Starting summer going to the third year, set up conference details. Organize a conference in the Fall
  • In the Spring, email professor for next year’s Douglas North Honorary Lecture

2nd-year students

  • Email department about monthly department socials and picnic
  • Organize the socials and picnics, and the yearly activities

Website person

  • Organize website, frequently asked questions page, information

Additional Information

2nd-year students

  • The social is done every Thursday of the 3rd week. We usually do it at 3 Kings, but it is up to you where it should be held. Not too far is preferable. You guys can send an email on Monday that week to faculty and students, then usually another reminder on Thursday. If there is a picnic, you don’t need to have the social that month.
  • When the semester starts, both Fall and Spring, talk to Carissa about setting a date for the picnic since she has to make the reservation. John Nachbar likes Shaw Park although we have done this in Forest Park as well. We’ve done this noon or late afternoon. Once you have the date, email people again, usually ask them to sign up with Carissa and pay 5 dollars, then during before picnic day, Carissa will give you money and a Schnucks card to buy supplies. Make sure you ask your fellow classmates to help out. Also, ask Dorothy Peterson to see if there are leftover material from the undergrad BBQ that we can use, usually there are.
  • The yearly field trip in the Spring is completely up to you guys.

3rd-year students

  • Start of Spring or even in January, email invitation for the Douglas North Honorary Lecture because a lot of famous people are booked already.