As part of the celebrations of la semaine de la francophonie, the French program welcomes submissions for the first Compétition d’écriture, with the winner(s) revealed starting March 27.

This competition allows Washington University students to engage with the French language
and francophone culture creatively through prose or poetry. Outstanding submissions, with the permission of the author(s), may be shared on the Washington University website for the 2023 edition of la semaine de la francophonie.

The theme for this year’s celebration for the francophonie is le temps. This versatile word has many meanings in French, describing the weather, time, time periods, and many others. For you, what does le temps mean? This prompt is broad on purpose to allow as many interpretations of the word as possible.



  • Deadline for submission: March 22. Send submissions to Salvador at:
  • We are accepting original works of creative writing in French or predominantly in French. These can be poetry, song lyrics, creative nonfiction, drama, fables, short stories, speech, bandes dessinées or works that are a hybrid of multiple of these genres.
  • Individual or group submissions are allowed; please credit all participants if your submission is a group submission.
  • The criteria for deciding the winner(s) are originality and creativity. Intermediate and advanced learners of French are both welcome to submit.
  • The submission must consist of at least 200 words and at most one page (around 500 words). Please use a readable font (Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri) with a size no smaller than 11 pt.
  • Your submission must be a PDF file. To save space, you may use your name as the file name.
  • Surprise prizes awarded to best writing samples