Lionel Cuillé, Teaching Professor in French. Director of the cultural center “French ConneXions”
and “France for the Pre-Med program in Nice”.
Julie Singer, Department Chair and Associate Professor of French, Medieval specialist.
Seth Graebner, Associate Professor of French and of Global Studies​
Director of Undergraduate Studies in Global Studies
Coordinator of European Studies and Global Cultural Studies concentrations
Director of Graduate Studies in French

Maurice Tetne is a graduate student in French and the head organizer of the 2022 edition of the Francophone week.

Victor Putinier, Graduate Student in French. 3rd year Ph.D., candidate co-organizer of the 2022 edition, and future head organizer of the 2023 edition.

Elodie Tantet, Graduate Student in French. Co-organizer of the 2022 edition and head organizer of the 1st edition of Francophone Week. 4th year Ph.D. candidate.

Semaine de la Francophonie is a French program graduate student-led event with the precious help of the faculty members, French ConneXions, RLL department, Olin Library.