The final task of the workshop is the opportunity to receive feedback and make final revisions to your writing statements. Participating in small group discussions led by faculty will allow you to refine your writing and draft a more thorough application. 

Prior to beginning part 3, you must have completed the following:

  • Complete part 1 (presentation by Dr. Joe Jez) attend in-person on June 19th, or watch the complete recording in Learn@Work.
  • Attend part 2 (presentation by Steve Pijut) via Zoom on July 31st, or watch the complete recording in Lear@Work.
  • Uploaded a brief project summary to Learn@Work (2 to 3 sentences)
  • Drafted your Personal, Relevant Background and Future Goals Statement (3 pages)
  • Drafted your Graduate Research Plan Statement (2 pages)

The link to register for part 3 will be provided on Wednesday, September 4, only to individuals that are marked complete in Learn@work for part 1, part 2, and brief project summary uploaded.

What is expected?

During part 3 of the workshop, you will split off into faculty-led small groups. The goal of part 3 is to revise and refine your statements in preparation for the application deadlines in October. The small group format allows you to work closely with faculty, and peers within your field of study, in hopes of being awarded a fellowship.

Part 3 will begin the week of September 9, giving you time to make some additional edits to your application after attending part 2.

Once you receive your registration email, you will sign up with a faculty mentor of your choosing (usually attendees choose mentors based on field of study and availability). Part 3 is designed as follows:

  • Small groups will have one faculty mentor and at least one co-mentor (if available).
  • Small groups will consist of a minimum of two, but no more than six applicants (unless approved by the faculty mentor).
  • Faculty-led groups will meet for two or three, 90-minute sessions. Faculty should email you to determine the best meeting times/dates for each session. Email if you do not hear back from your faculty leader.

During each 90-minute meeting, the group will:

  • Bring in required drafts of their applications
    • The faculty leading your small group expect you to have a draft of your application written BEFORE attending the small group session.
  • Discuss and provide feedback on their applications

As each draft is discussed, participants will receive feedback about their own work from faculty mentors and engage in discussion with their peers.  Groups will revise and refine their applications each time they meet.

You will receive further instructions in early September.

Below is what you will discuss, and give feedback on, during each session:

Session 1

Personal, Relevant Background, and Future Goals Statement

Session 2

Graduate Research Plan Statement

Session 3

Final Revisions – based on progress from the first two sessions, some faculty may not chose to hold a third session.




  • Revise and edit statements to fit within page limits prior to part 3.



  • Attend part 3. Meet in small groups to revise and refine writing.
    • September 4: Registration links will be emailed to individuals completing all prerequisites.
    • September 9: Faculty will begin scheduling meeting times for their small groups.



  • Submit application two days early to avoid formatting issues caused by the PDF conversion process. Submitting early is strongly encouraged.
  • 2024 Due Dates: All applications are due at 5:00 p.m. local time, as determined by the applicant’s mailing address.

How do I Register for the Workshop?