The 2020 Workshop is only open to those applying to the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GFRP).

The Fellowship Writing Workshop is designed to assist eligible undergraduate and  graduate students with their written proposals through step-by-step guidance, and a series of online lectures and mentored sessions.

How it Works

This workshop is divided into three sections, each with individual milestones that should be completed before advancing to the next.


Fill in “knowledge gaps” in your field of study and learn more about the Graduate Research Fellowship Program.


Draft your application statements and attend a web-based lecture from The Writing Center.


Participate in faculty-led, small group sessions and prepare to submit your application.

Visit the Timeline for an overview of assignments due for the workshop

This workshop is jointly sponsored by Research Education & Information, Arts & Sciences, the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences, the Graduate School, McKelvey School, Brown School, and the Writing Center.



News Updates

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Please Note: The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research will not be hosting a workshop for NIH applicants in 2020.