Washington University had twenty-three GRFP 2022 applicants receive an award offer or honorable mention. The support provided through WashU’s writing workshops is greatly dependent on the faculty that guide and mentor trainees on their applications. Thank you to everyone who supported the workshop, and congratulations to the awardees and honorable mentions on your prestigious accomplishments!


Awardees and Honorable Mentions in BOLD participated in WashU’s October 2021 GRFP Workshop Series.

  • Ethan Abercrombie
  • Alexis Arlen
  • Kaseba Chibwe
  • Sarah Colbert
  • Bria Dunlap
  • Aaron Gorelik
  • Angelo Hawa
  • Aidan Kelley
  • Jeffrey Lotthammer
  • Will McHargue
  • John D (JD) Peiffer
  • Flora Perlmutter
  • Lauren Pusey-Nazarro
  • Brandon Rios
  • Dean Ryan-Simmons
  • Sarah Swiston
  • Landon Tafoya
  • Alicia Wilkening
  • Maggie Wood

Honorable Mentions

  • Nathaniel Bryan
  • Amanda Cimino
  • Alexander DiChristofano
  • Grace Drake
  • Olivia Gomez
  • Leda Liang
  • Alessandro Antúnez de Mayo Mauceri
  • Isaac Plutzer
  • Patrick Wiecko