Moving can be scary. Here we have valuable information that can help make your transition a little bit easier. 

Where do we live?

We surveyed the Entering Class of 2020 to learn more about where we live. Take a look at the results below, then dive deeper to learn more about the neighborhoods and apartments of St. Louis.


A virtual tour of St. Louis — discover places to live or to explore.

Virtual Tours

Get a sneak peek into what the various apartment complexes look like before agreeing to roommates and signing the lease.


Perspectives on renting, buying, and roommates.                                                 

Apartment Complexes

Not sure where to live? To get you started with your search, here are some of the apartments we live in.

Section Editors:

Jared Garland

Jared Garland

Housing Section Editor

Hey, y’all! My name is Jared, and I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. I went to Duke University for college and majored in neuroscience, with a double minor in biology and history. Following that, I took two gap years to do military rehabilitative and neurological research. In my free time, I love to cook and bake, explore Forest Park (particularly around Art Hill), work out, and watch sports. 

Emily Terain

Emily Terain

Housing Section Editor

I’m from Plainfield, Illinois, where I lived up until college. I then studied neuroscience at the University of Chicago before going straight through to medical school here at WashU. In my free time I like playing piano, reading, and going on runs in Forest Park (something college me would be shocked at!).