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Grocery Stores

Sarah S., M1

There are tons of grocery stores to pick from! In Central West End there is a Whole Foods within walking distance and a Schnucks a little bit farther out. In Brentwood — approximately 10-15 minutes from campus by car — you’ll find Trader Joe’s, Target, and Dierberg’s. If you don’t have a car or are trying to save time, you can also get groceries delivered through an online service like Instacart.

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International Groceries

Khai N., M1

As an international student and someone who has lived in very diverse cities in the past, I was genuinely surprised with the options St. Louis offers in terms of international groceries. Most start with United Provisions, a posh-ish, Korean-oriented grocery store located in the Delmar Loop. Another very popular option is Jay’s International Market; I personally really like this one since it offers items from around the world (European, Caribbean, Central and South American, Asian … you name it)! Farther from campus are the Asian grocery stores on Olive (which is informally St. Louis Chinatown, if you will); these have fresh seafood for sale. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that, whatever international grocery item you want, chances are you’ll be able to find it in STL!