Promoting an inclusive campus for all students

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Founded by students

An original group of roughly 15 students from across the university came together to express their concerns and assess the diversity concerns of others. Our work includes:

  • Establishing and promoting gender neutral bathrooms  Map »
  • Working to improve the diversity of lecturers/presenters on campus
  • Creating a calendar of important cultural, religious, and social events that highlight diversity

Backed by administration

DISC was started in response to external audits of the School of Medicine listing diversity and inclusion as areas needing improvement. Supporting administration include:

  • Interim Director of Diversity and Student Affairs, Dr. Cherilynn Shadding, DBBS
  • Senior Associate Dean for Education, Dr. Eva Aagaard, School of Medicine
  • Assistant Dean for Student Diversity and Engagement, Lisa Stevenson, Office of Diversity Programs

Listening & Accountability

DISC members are all current Washington University students and have an affiliation with the School of Medicine. This is meant to ensure that current student concerns are being represented at each meeting and DISC can be accountable to each of the groups represented. It also helps our many student groups communicate more effectively.

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DISC understands that not every identity that exists on campus has a formal student group. This is why we send out regular diversity surveys and encourage students to send us concerns through this website. We are committed to creating an environment where students feel comfortable voicing their concerns.

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