In the interest of transparency and communication, DISC has created this page to allow students and others from the Washington University community to stay up-to-date on our activities. Access to our general survey findings, meeting minutes, and live town halls means you know what we know. Take a look at our current activities:


DISC collects data on diversity concerns both actively and passively from the student body in the form of distributed surveys, as well as through our website’s standing “Give Feedback” page. See survey results »

Meeting Minutes

We want students to know that DISC is actively discussing their concerns. If we’re not, and you feel that we’re missing something, please let us know! Any main discussion points brought up during the meeting are available to view on our website. View meeting minutes »

Town Halls

Town halls provide a space for members of the student body to voice concerns and discuss actionable items with DISC and administrative representatives. Following town halls, concerns raised are brought to members of administration for review. See calendar of DISC events »