Call for participants: TriMED Pathway in membrane excitability and disease


The TriMED Pathway is a 2-year program open to any pre- or post-doctoral trainees with interest in membrane excitability and diseases, offering unique opportunities:

  1. Consideration for T32 support (up to 2 years of funding)
  2. Consideration for 2 month paid internship exploring next stage opportunities
  3. Monday lunchtime (1-2pm, food provided, Sept-Nov, Feb-April) sessions, featuring expert seminars and work-in-progress talks.
  4. Networking, mentorship, and other career enhancing opportunities
  5. Project building/grant writing support

For pre-doctoral trainees, the pathway can be taken for credit (1 credit per semester), requiring participation in Monday lunchtime sessions.

If you are a pre- or post-doctoral trainee with any interest in membrane excitability, enroll today –  email Paula Reynolds (

We are now accepting applications from pre- and postdoctoral candidates to the TriMED T32 training grant. We expect to be appoint 2 pre- and post-doctoral trainees, with support available from September 1, 2023. Pre-doctoral candidates must have passed their relevant qualifying exams and be committed to a research laboratory. Post-doctoral candidates must have completed an MD, PhD, or MD/PhD equivalent, be eligible for NIH funding support (U.S. citizens, non-citizen nationals or individuals lawfully admitted for permanent residence), and have identified an established mentor and a defined research project. The Fellowship appointment is for up to two years and provides for salary support, modest funds for research support and 75% minimum time dedicated to research.

Application should include:

  • NIH (new format) biosketch from the applicant and the research mentor
  • One-page (max) description of the research project to be undertaken
  • Statement from the applicant describing their long-term career plans and how the T32 will help achieve them
  • A letter of support from the research mentor, describing plans for the trainee

T32 support applications should be submitted as one combined PDF by August 15, 2023 to Paula Reynolds (

Thank you!

Colin Nichols and Baron Chanda

Program Directors


Faculty Members