Membership in CIMED is potentially available to any Washington University faculty members who have a major professional interest in excitability and associated diseases.

Membership Privileges

Members will have priority use of shared resources and services being developed by CIMED including:

  • CIMED Live Cell Imaging Core (LCIF) – This facility is composed of platforms for live cell imaging-based measurement of electrical activity excitability and excitation-secretion and excitation-contraction coupling. Located in dedicated Core space in BJC-IH, the LCIF is expanding to multiple platforms in response to the needs and interests of center members.
  • Pilot and Feasibility Awards – In addition, center members are eligible to apply for Pilot and Feasibility awards provided by CIMED to provide preliminary support of new and collaborative initiatives in excitability research.  
  • EXCITE Seminar and Journal Club – Center members and their colleagues are welcome to participate in weekly excitability journal clubs and in the monthly EXCITE seminar series, as well as annual CIMED Research Day activities.

Obligations of Membership

  • Members must actively participate in a research program and/or provide leadership within CIMED. Participation will be defined broadly but will include participation in writing new research proposals, attendance at CIMED-sponsored seminars and journal clubs etc., and participation in decision making efforts for CIMED appointments, awards and schedules etc.
  • Members must provide information on clinical studies, publications, and research support, and other information that may be needed to fulfill requirements for designation as a Washington University IRC.
  • Members must acknowledge use of CIMED facilities, space or assistance (when appropriate) in research publications.

Application Process

1. Please send the following information to

  • Curriculum vitae (can be NIH Biosketch).
  • Brief statement of clinical or research interests indicating how they relate to center activities and goals. This information may be in the personal statement of the Biosketch.

2. Send the application and requested enclosures to

3. Your application will be reviewed by center leadership and the applicant will receive notification from the director. Once approved, you will be asked to send the following for inclusion on the center website:

  • A current photograph of yourself
  • Link to laboratory homepage or other website.

Renewal of membership

Membership will be reviewed every three years, based on contributions and participation in center efforts. Members will be contacted by the center leadership at that time.

Membership-criteria-2011 pdf file