Who are we?

Established in 1981, Chinese Students Association, CSA, is a student-run organization on campus that puts on monthly events for the student body to share and promote awareness for Chinese and Chinese-American cultural and societal issues while supporting a social environment for students of all backgrounds at Washington University in St. Louis. With over 300 active members, we are proud to be one of the largest cultural groups on campus.

Mission Statement

Chinese Students Association strives to…

  • share Chinese/Chinese-American culture and relevant current event topics to the student body
  • provide a platform for Asian Americans to share their voices and opinions on campus and in the community
  • provide a community of individuals who share a common interest to provide advice, company, and friendship throughout the college experience and beyond

Organization Structure

CSA is comprised of 3 main groups of members:

  1. General Body Members – CSA is comprised of a general body of undergraduates at WashU who are invited to all events put on by CSA. This is the most important group of people within our organization. All events that are created and implemented are used to better serve our general body members and allow them to explore new ideas, learn new information, and experience a complete sense of community.
  2. Executive Board – The executive board is a group of 15-20 students that coordinate events for the general body members. Each executive member serves a different role that enhances the overall goal of our organization, allowing us to allocate adequate resources to expand the scale and scope of our programming. Recruitment for the executive board occurs at the beginning of every semester.
  3. Committees – As liaisons between GBM and the executive board, members have the option to be a part of the planning of events by volunteering within committees such as Formal Committee, Service Committee, and Marketing Committee. Committee members have full thought leadership and creative control to work with executive members to execute events and be a part of the decision-making process.