Rikki’s winning picture for the Department of Neuroscience Sci-Art Competition December 2021

Conjures the horror genre; evokes a dimensional being – Mothman Prophecies; suggests an insectile mask… something bioluminescent emerging from the darkness.  Powerful image! 

Image title: Monster in the Night

Author: Rui Feng (Postdoc) – Cavalli Lab

Description: Immunofluorescence of an adult mouse lumbar spinal cord section. The section was stained for calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP in red). This image was obtained using Zeiss confocal microscope. Multiple tile images and Z stacks were captured to cover the spinal cord dorsal horn and were stitched together. CGRP positive neurons convey pain and temperature information, synapsing on second order neurons within lamina I in the spinal cord.

Rikki receiving her award.

October 2021 Beautiful October weather why not have a lab meeting outside. We were finally able to get everyone together. The lab members have been busy with school, preparing talks, writing papers and grants and learning about ganglion cells.

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Enjoying the nice weather during a weekend in October 2021. We had a potluck at the Jewel Box in Forest Park. This is view of the lily pond.

We hope to resume some sense of normalcy in 2021, with more fun activities. We are contemplating the option to visit Baetje Farms, a world-renowned, award-winning artisan goat cheese maker not far from St Louis. If the pandemic does not allow that, we will plan for picnics in the neighboring, beautiful Forest Park , and take advantage of the beautiful Missouri spring weather.

Valeria gave us the day off to experience the Moon’s eclipse of the Sun:
We had to wear special glasses and the shadows went all soft:

Here we say “Farewell!” to Di and Takuya, “Welcome back!” to Valeria, and “Hello” to Oshri and Kathy at a nice local restaurant!

Farewell to Di and Takuya.
Hello to Oshri and Kathy.

Valeria was on a half year sabbatical in 2016, so not many official lab trips or parties to report, but we will resume with fun activities in 2017!

Farewell to Yongcheol, Fall 2015

An afternoon at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, December 19th – 2014

From the 4th floor to the 9th floor. To celebrate our new space, Doug prepared a beautiful cake
And we can now enjoy beautiful sunsets on Forest Park!

An afternoon at St. Louis City Museum – July 31, 2013