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Avraham O, Deng P, Maschi D, Klyachko V, Cavalli V. (2022) Disrupted Association of Sensory Neurons With Enveloping Satellite Glial Cells in Fragile X Mouse Model. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience January 2022 (14) Article number 796070 >Full Article

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Avraham O, Feng R, Ewan EE, Zhao G, Cavalli V. (2021)  Profiling sensory neuron microenvironment after peripheral and central axon injury reveals key pathways for axon regeneration. Elife 10:e68457 >Full article >UCSC Browser

Avraham O, Deng P-Y, Jones S, Kuruvilla R, Semenkovich CF, Klyachko VA, Cavalli V (2020). Satellite glial cells promote regenerative growth in sensory neurons. Nature Communications 11, 4891 >Full article

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