Events Schedule

You are invited to tune in at any time! 

Visit the Washington University Pow Wow crowdfunding page if you are interested in supporting the 30th Annual Pow Wow.

Virtual Pow Wow Dance Competition 2021

If you are interested in competing in this year’s virtual Pow Wow, we invite you to register by March 1


Virtual Vendor Opportunities

If you are in need of assistance in completing the vendor application or vendor digital materials, please call 314-935-4677

2021 Pow Wow T Shirts

Pow Wow T Shirts are for sale here

Virtual Informational Resources Opportunities


The Pow Wow Committee thanks the following Sponsors and Contributors for their support! 

Bear Sponsors – Level 1

Eagle Sponsors – Level 2

Student Coordinating Council

Turtle Sponsors – Level 3


Native Womens Care Circle

Bison Sponsors – Level 4


If you are interested in being a sponsor for the 30th Annual Pow Wow, you can find additional information here.