ACHIEVE is a consortium of four leading U.S. academic research institutions with long-standing research and training collaborations across the U.S., SSA, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Each institution features experienced mentors with a strong focus on dissemination and implementation, data science, and global health, across a number of focus areas.

The following academic research institutions comprise the ACHIEVE consortium. :

Washington University in St. Louis – Brown School & School of Medicine
InstitutionNameTitleDepartmentResearch Description
Washington University in St. LouisAn, RuopengAssoc. Professor Public Health/ Social WorkEnvironmental influences on weight-related behaviors/outcomes across life course; application of artificial intelligence and big data analytics in public health
Washington University in St. LouisBarnes, SherettaAssoc. ProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkDevelopmental psychology; quantitative statistics
Washington University in St. LouisBrownson, RossProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkImplementation science; cancer epidemiology
Washington University in St. Louis Cabassa, LeopoldoProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkExamining physical and mental health disparities in marginalized populations; implementation science, mental health services
Washington University in St. Louis Cavazos-Regh, PatriciaProfessorPsychiatryHealth, adolescent mental health, social media
Washington University in St. Louis Chen, Li-ShiunAssoc. ProfessorPsychiatry Implementation science; smoking cessation programs in low-resources settings; schizophrenia, mood disorders, addiction, personality disorder, community psychiatry, telepsychiatry, cancer psychiatry
Washington University in St. LouisDavila-Roman, VictorProfessorMedicine – CardiologyMechanisms leading to CV dysfunction and response to treatment in CV disorders such as hypertension, systolic and diastolic heart failure, LV hypertrophy, diabetic cardiomyopathy and obesity
Washington University in St. LouisForaker, RandiAssoc. ProfessorMedicine – General Medical SciencesPopulation health informatics; clinical decision support to complement risk scoring in primary care, cardiology and oncology
Washington University in St. LouisFowler, PatrickAssoc. ProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkComplex systems evaluation, administrative data sets
Washington University in St. LouisGeng, ElvinProfessorInfectious DiseasesImplementation research, HIV, engagement in treatment and care
Washington University in St. LouisHaire-Joshu, DebraProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkDissemination, implementation, and scalability of evidence- based diabetes prevention practices
Washington University in St. LouisHammond, RossProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkAgent-based modeling
Washington University in St. LouisHarris, JenineProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkQuantitative research; Diversity in STEM workforce
Washington University in St. LouisHuffman, MarkProfessor of Medicine; Co-Director Global Health CenterDivision of Cardiology; Institute for Public HealthGlobal cardiovascular implementation science, health system, and policy research
Washington University in St. LouisHunleth, JeanAssociate ProfessorSurgery and AnthropologyThe experience of caregiving and treatment seeking for infectious and chronic diseases in Africa and in the United States; Children’s experiences of and responses to illness, medicine, and health programming
Washington University in St. LouisIannotti, LoraProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkUndernutrition in low-resource settings
Washington University in St. LouisJohnson, KimAssoc. ProfessorPublic Health/ Social Work Pediatric cancer epidemiology
Washington University in St. LouisJonson-Reid, Melissa  Professor  Public Health/ Social WorkBehavioral, educational and health outcomes associated with childhood exposure to trauma
Washington University in St. LouisLu, ChenyangProfessorComputer Science and EngineeringClinical machine learning, mobile health, internet of things
Washington University in St. LouisMarotta, PhillipAsst. ProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkHIV care continuum for justice-involved persons with substance use disorders; medication-assisted treatments for opioid use disorders (OUD) in jails and prisons; dyadic analysis of HIV prevention intervention data; youth substance use prevention and treatment
Washington University in St. LouisMcKay, MaryDeanPublic Health/ Social WorkChild-and family-focused HIV prevention and care; public health interventions to strengthen families, communities and systems
Washington University in St. LouisNabunya, ProscoviaAsst. ProfessorSocial Work/ Public HealthHIV-associated stigma, Family and community-based support systems as protective factors for the development and well-being of children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS
Washington University in St. LouisPowell, ByronAsst. ProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkImplementation research, behavioral health, qualitative and mixed-methods research, community-engaged research
Washington University in St. LouisSensoy Bahar, OzgeAsst. ProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkQualitative research in low- resource settings, migration and child labor
Washington University in St. LouisSilver, MichelleAssistant Professor SurgeryApplied/translational epidemiology, and how to best use the results of epidemiologic studies to make and implement evidence-based decisions in cancer screening and prevention
Washington University in St. LouisSiqueira Reis, RodrigoProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkEnvironmental determinants and correlates of physical activity and obesity across diverse populations in LMICs
Washington University in St. LouisSsewamala, FredProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkFamily-based economic empowerment and social protection interventions; global health
Washington University in St. LouisStark, LindsayAssoc. ProfessorPublic Health/ Social WorkProtection and well-being of women and children in situations of extreme adversity
Washington University in St. LouisSun, BhaozhouAsst. ProfessorRadiation OncologyRadiotherapy QI, imaging- guided radiotherapy, proton therapy, imaging segmentation, big data, and the use of machine learning
Washington University in St. LouisTarr, PhillipProfessorPediatricsGut microbiome in childhood development and growth
Boston College – School of Social Work
InstitutionNameTitleDepartmentResearch Description
Boston CollegeBetancourt, TheresaProfessorSocial WorkDevelopmental and psychosocial consequences of concentrated adversity on children, youth and families; resilience and protective processes in child and adolescent mental health and child development; refugee families; and applied cross-cultural mental health research.
Boston CollegeCrea, ThomasProfessorSocial WorkImplementation science, global mental health, child welfare and protection, and forced migration
Boston CollegeDavison, KristenProfessorSocial WorkChildhood obesity
Boston CollegeDesrosiers, AletheaAsst. ProfessorSocial WorkExamining emotion regulation as a transdiagnostic risk factor across psychological disorders; mhealth
Boston CollegeKumar, PraveenAsst. ProfessorEnvironmental StudiesPoverty, environmental justice; multilevel modeling and Systems Sciences particularly egocentric social network analysis
Boston CollegeLai, BettyAssoc. ProfessorCounseling, Education, and Developmental PsychologyAdvanced statistical techniques, including structural equation modeling and multilevel modeling
Boston CollegeLevine Coley, RebekahProfessorCounseling, Developmental & Educational PsychologyDelineating and counteracting social and economic inequities affecting child and youth health and development
Boston CollegeMorelli, GildaAssoc. ProfessorSocial WorkSociocultural and ecological factors in young children’s opportunities for social learning in small scale societies in DR Congo
Boston CollegePineros Leano, MariaAsst. ProfessorSocial WorkAdapt and test family-based interventions to promote positive parenting and family cohesion to improve mental health outcomes
Boston CollegeSalas-Wright, ChristopherProfessorSocial WorkStress and resilience among immigrants, alcohol and drug use epidemiology, and the prevention of adolescent problem behavior
New York University – School of Global Public Health & Grossman School of Medicine
InstitutionNameTitleDepartmentResearch Description
New York UniversityAdhikari, SamrachanaAsst. ProfessorBiostatisticsData science: comparative effectiveness methods, causal inference, predictive modeling, social network analysis, and social survey research
New York UniversityArmstrong-Hough, MariAsst. ProfessorGlobal Public HealthIntersection of communicable diseases (HIV and TB) with non-communicable diseases (diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease)
New York University Bershteyn, AnnaAsst. ProfessorPopulation Health Predictive modeling, mathematical modeling of high-casualty ID epidemics;
New York University Betensky, RebeccaProfessor, Chair of Dept. of BiostatisticsBiostatisticsbiostatistics, neuro-focused methods research;
New York University Braithwaite, Scott ProfessorMedicine, Population Health Decision analytic modeling; comparative effectiveness research/analysis
New York UniversityChunara, RumiAssoc. ProfessorComputer Science & BiostatisticsSocial determinants, machine learning
New York UniversityCook, StephanieAsst. ProfessorBiostatisticsDevelopment of statistical models for determining associations between biological and behavioral risk factors and health outcomes
New York UniversityDickson, VickeyAssoc. ProfessorNursingCardiovascular and occupational health nursing
New York UniversityGreene, Dena SchulmanAssoc. ProfessorNursingSelf/family management and palliative care
New York UniversityHagan, HollyProfessorGlobal Public HealthTreatment and surveillance of blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections in underserved and vulnerable populations
New York UniversityHuang, Keng-YenAssoc. ProfessorPopulation Health and Child and Adolescent PsychiatrymHealth solutions, complex intervention implementation, child and adolescent behavioral health
New York UniversityKhan, Maria R.Assoc. ProfessorPopulation HealthComparative effectiveness and implementation research training; infectious disease epidemiology and novel HIV; comorbid disease intervention
New York UniversityKlar, RobinAssoc. ProfessorNursingMaternal and child health
New York UniversityLanier, YzetteAsst. ProfessorNursingPsychosocial development of children, adolescents, and young adults
New York UniversityLyndon, AudreyProfessorNursingSafety, communication, and teamwork in maternity and neonatal settings
New York UniversityMoucheraud, CorrinaAssoc. ProfessorPublic Health Policy and ManagementImplementation science, improve outcomes by strengthening health systems and enabling the delivery of effective, equitable health services, with emphasis on young women and girls
New York UniversityNavario, PeterExec. DirectorHealthRightHealth system strengthening in LMICs
New York UniversityNavarra, Ann MargaretAsst. ProfessorNursingAdherence to Antiretroviral treatment among HIV-infected youth
New York UniversityOmpad, DanielleAssoc. ProfessorEpidemiologyInfectious disease epidemiology, with specific expertise in HIV, drug use, sexual risk behaviors, adult access to vaccines, and minority and marginalized populations
New York UniversityPagan, JoseProfessorPublic Health Policy and ManagementStatistical/simulation modeling, intervention design and program assessment, database construction
New York UniversityParkekh, NiyatiProfessorPublic Health NutritionRole of nutrition and diet- related factors in the etiology of non-communicable diseases
New York UniversityPeprah, EmmanuelAsst. ProfessorGlobal Public HealthImplementation Science in routine clinical practice and community settings for sickle cell disease, obstetric hemorrhage, people living with HIV/AIDS (PWH)
New York UniversitySchwartz, Mark DProfessorPopulation HealthLarge-scale epidemiologic studies of predictors of diabetes and intervention studies; health service transformation policy
New York UniversityShelley, DonnaProfessorHealth Policy & ManagementTobacco control, implementation research
New York UniversitySilverman, Andrea IdetteAsst. ProfessorEngineeringDetection, quantification, and disinfection of waterborne pathogens
New York UniversityTozan, YesimAsst. ProfessorGlobal Public HealthEconomic burden of disease and the costs and cost- effectiveness of public health interventions in low- and middle-income countries
New York UniversityVedanthan, RajeshAssoc. ProfessorPopulation Health, MedicineGlobal health, chronic disease management, systems, implementation science
New York UniversityYang, LawrenceAssoc. ProfessorEpidemiologyStigma associated with mental health and HIV, in LMIC
University of Illinois Chicago – Center for Global Health, College of Medicine
InstitutionNameTitleDepartmentResearch Description
University of Illinois, ChicagoDykens, J. AndrewAssoc. ProfessorFamily and Community MedicineImplementation of sustainable cervical cancer screening programs through capacity building, quality improvement, and behavioral interventions in rural Senegal
University of Illinois, ChicagoShah, ReshmaAssoc. ProfessorPediatricsImplementation of healthcare- based programs in LMICs
University of Illinois, ChicagoWeine, StevanProfessorPsychiatryRefugees and migrants in the U.S. and post-conflict countries, focused on health and violence prevention