How are diversity and underrepresented populations determined?

Applicants will be asked to indicate their ethnicity and socioeconomic information when applying to the program. In addition to the standard NIH racial and ethnic categories, applicants will also be able to provide a brief explanation of other diverse or underrepresented populations to which they may belong. (See the NIH’s page on Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Groups.)

How are trainees matched with their mentor(s)?

In the letter of intent, trainees will provide the names of up to two preferred primary mentors from the list of mentors (Global Research Sites). The program team will do their best to match admitted trainees with one of their preferred primary mentors. The ACHIVE team will also identify potential secondary mentors for each trainee based on their research interests and geographic focus area(s).

What benefits are included in the ACHIEVE research training fellowship?

  • Monthly stipend
  • Up to $10,000 seed funding
  • Travel to and living expenses

Can I apply if my research doesn’t fall within the preferred focus areas?

Yes. Candidates whose research interests fall outside of the ACHIEVE preferred focus areas of children, adolescents, and their caregiving families; parenting; HIV/AIDS: mental health; cancer; nutrition; and environmental health, may apply to and be admitted to the program depending on the availability of funding and mentors in their preferred research and geographic areas.

I would like to apply for the Fellowship, but cannot commit 10-12 months to living abroad. Am I still eligible?

No, one of the main requirements of the Program is that trainees must train in the LMIC where they plan to carry out their research plan for 10 to 12 consecutive months during the fellowship.

I am affiliated with a US institution other than one of the four U.S. consortium members or other NIH FIC consortia. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, you may apply as long as you meet the rest of the eligibility criteria.

I am a master’s (or undergraduate) student from one of the four U.S. consortium institutions. Am I eligible to apply?

No, the program is not accepting master’s or undergraduate students at this time.

I am resident of one of the eligible Sub-Saharan African countries, but a citizen of another non-listed country. Am I still eligible to apply?

In some cases, LMIC non-citizens but legal residents of the eligible countries are eligible to apply. Contact Program Manager with additional questions.

What should be included in my proposed budget?

The budget should include general categories of expenses. General categories may include the following: IRB fees, Equipment, Travel, Materials and Supplies (software, devices), Participant Costs/Incentives, Other Costs, etc.