Enthusiastic and talented researchers like you are always welcome to join the team!

We employs multiple cutting-edge technologies in genomics and computational biology to investigate the development and function of mammalian brains in the context of human health and disease. Current areas of interest include applying single-nucleus RNA-sequencing and spatial proteomics technologies on human brains with the goal of understanding disease pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease (AD), Parkinson disease (PD) and Lewy body diseases (LBDs. We have multiple positions open. We seek to recruit highly motivated and deeply interested individuals to join our team. Please see below for more information.

Graduate Students

WUSTL graduate students interested in rotating in the Zhao lab please come to talk to Guoyan Zhao or contact gzhao@wustl.edu to schedule a meeting.

Postdoctoral Research Associate position

The position requires working collaboratively with a team of experimental biologists focused on single-nucleus RNA-seq data analysis and “multi-omics” data integration with a main goal to identify genetic markers and mechanisms of neurodegeneration that will lead to better disease diagnosis, treatment and eventually cure.  The candidate will be responsible for leading and carrying out these innovative projects, will assist with grant preparation and reporting, will prepare and submit papers for publication. The candidate will have opportunities to travel and to present at national and international conferences.

Interested candidates please send the following to gzhao@wustl.edu . 1) a cover letter explaining motivation, research experience, and interests; 2) CV; 3) the name and contact information of three references.