Project Pioneer

(Private Industry of Newly Excelling Engineers in Rocketry)

WURocketry is a new student group on the campus of WashU with 28 members. WURocketry participates in the NASA Student Launch Competition and is be competing against 32 other university student groups across the country in the spring.  The competition includes the building and launching of a 8-10 foot, reusable rocket approximately 1 mile into the air. The rocket must have a parachute recovery system, to allow for a safe landing and ensure its reusability. It also includes other requirements such as a payload meant to simulate a planetary lander, test launches, proper technical documentation, and a K-12 STEM outreach component.

Our team is happy to announce that we have been accepted to compete for our first time in the 2021 NASA Student Launch Initiative!

Below is a link to our proposed design for our rocket.

2021 Proposal