WURocketry is a student group at Washington University in St. Louis with 60+ members. Our team competes in the NASA Student Launch Competition, which hosts 60 teams from across the country. The competition includes design, test, build, and launch of an 8-10 foot reusable rocket approximately 1 mile into the air. Teams travel to Huntsville, Alabama for the competition in the spring semester of each year. Additionally, the team designs and flies a payload based on requirements released by NASA each year. The competition also requires a multitude of test launches, proper technical documentation, and a K-12 STEM outreach component.

WURocketry has been competing the the NASA Student Launch Competition since 2020. We were awarded the Rookie Team Award in our first year and have placed in the top ten in subsequent years.

Current Project: WashU Wocket

Watch our 2023-2024 President, Maeve Lomax, discuss her experiences on WashU Rocketry and the WashU Wocket project!