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Ferguson: 5 years later, racial tension lingers nationally

AP News

Michael Brown’s death at the hands of a white Missouri police officer stands as a seismic moment in American race relations. 

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If You’re a Young Black Woman in Corporate America, You’re More Likely to Be Underpaid—And Stressed

The Oprah Magazine

The particular financial anxiety of being young, professional, female—and Black.

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Real diversity or “racial outsourcing”?


What happens when a company says it values diversity but doesn’t do the work needed to live up to that value?

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The Asian Glass Ceiling: Studying the Model Minority Myth


Asian Americans are the forgotten minority in the glass ceiling conversation.

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The Dearth Of Black CEOs: How Corporate Diversity Initiatives Ignore People Of Color


Despite decades of work on diversity in corporate America, progress has been limited and has even reversed at the executive level.

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When Medical Schools Become Less Diverse

The Atlantic

Texas Tech recently announced it will no longer take race into account in admissions to its medical school—a move that might affect not only aspiring doctors, but many of their would-be patients as well.

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When Women Are A Minority of One At Work

The Wall Street Journal

Women say they feel invisible and at risk for a host of difficulties when they're the only person of their gender or race on their team. 

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Why Women and People of Color in Law Still Hear “You Don’t Look Like a Lawyer”

Harvard Business Review

In the legal field, a popular refrain directed at women and people of color is “You don’t look like a lawyer.”